10 Jun 2010

Schönbrunn Zoo

A few days ago, my bf and I went to the "Schönnbrunner Tiergarten" ( a Zoo) in Vienna. We were so lucky about the weather it was sunny all day long. We had lots of fun seeing all the animals, my favourite ones were the penguines..Don't they look really funny? and soooo cute:) Here are some of the pics we took there annnd my outfit:)

What I Wore: flowery skirt, cardigan, plain black shirt: H&M, tights, necklace: Primark


  1. love your skirt. :)

  2. I love this outfit. I've been shopping around for a floral piece like this.

  3. Thanks! Well i usually don't go for too flowery stuff, but i liked this skirt so much i had to take it:)

  4. Cute outfit! Love your rings! You are so lovely! (:

    && Great pics of the animals!

    You have a great blog..I was checkin' out your other posts! Keep it up! (:

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  5. nice photos and nice blog, i really enjoyed reading your posts right now!

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    greetings from upper austria :)

  6. Hi

    Gern geschehen :)

    lol, die Welt (v.a.Österreich) ist einfach klein:)
    Ich bin ursprünglich aus Oberösterreich, seit diesem Semester studiere ich aber in Salzburg Recht und Wirtschaft.

    Ja, kann man ab heute, ich habe gerade Bloglovin eingerichtet :)
    danke, mein Blog ist zwar nicht so modelastig wie die üblichen Modeblogs...ich blogge einfach, was mir in den Sinn kommt:)
    Schön dass er dir gefällt :)

    Lg Christina