24 Jun 2010

Queen B wants to sing a song...

Who doesn't know Blair Waldorff from the famous TV-Series "Gossip Girl"? I have to admit, I love it, partly because of the fashion in it. Here are some pics of Leighton Meester as "Blair" in GG:

I've always loved the way she dresses as the famous Queen B, so classy and so elegant. Here are some shots of her and Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass, probably the best dressed fictional man in the world! (Elle Korea)

Recently, I found a music video of her and Robin Thicke (yes!!) and voila! Here it is!

and there is moooore...:)

and she also has a part in the "Good girls go bad" song:

I know these songs aren't brand-new but I was just soo...overwhelmed and surprised..:)
Personally, I really like the second song! The first one is too Blair-Waldorff-like ;)
So what do you think of Leighton Meester as a singer?

1 comment:

  1. I love Gossip Girl and I love Blair style but I think that she shouldn't sing ;)