31 May 2010

VICTORIA'S SECRET give-away by katjusha dawaiii

Isnt't this so AWESOME? I've always wanted to have just something..anything by Victoria's secret..and i was so surprised and happy to read that KATJUSHA DAWAII is having a giveaway, including these amazing things(u can see them in the pic above)
- Monokini in black with lovely golden sequence
- Bikini in white..it just looks soooooo cute! These sort of pearls are kind of dangling around and i can imagine the bikini looking just so cute when wearing it!!!

And here's something I've wanted to show you for some days..Katjusha is just such an amazing girl(and blogger:)) First, make sure to have seen the new video from Beyonce, "why don't you love me"

And now, check THIS out!!! it'S so awesome!!

30 May 2010


I have SO fallen in love with this jacket!

via stockholmstreetstyle

28 May 2010

Louis Vuitton

Found these pics of a LV store (or, "Maison"') in London  at style bubble:

Well, I guess this is called creative...unusual but creative:) what do you think?

26 May 2010

Trend: Harems

As soon as I came home from uni today, I put my harems on. I bought them in India last year for 100 or 200 Rupees and I wear them all the time when I'm at home. Now here is a change: You can actually go out, on the street, with your comfortable harems! And not only do they feel like heaven on earth when you wear them, you can also put together an outfit which actually looks damn-stylish:

                                  Style of a Fashionista


21 May 2010

Things I bought recently

This lovely bikini from H&M:

Top from Tally Weijl:
Belt from Tally Weijl:

....and many many other things which I am going to post soon!(maybe Outfit posts, I like them better:)

Outfit post:)

start of H&M Fashion against aids- campaign

Hey guys! So yesterday was a really exiting day, went to H&M to see the new FAA collection and I have to say I was really impressed by how H&M (1 shop in particular, in Vienna) promoted the whole collection..
there was a DJ playing really good music, a photographer where you could get pictures made..wearing clothes from the new collection. Me and my friends decided to do so and got this goodie bag(festival kit):
..and here are some more pics:

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19 May 2010

Bloggers designed bags for Coach

Having realized the impact bloggers have on fashion and how they can affect their reader's choice of labels and items, the American company "Coach" has given four bloggers the chance to design their own bag. These limited editions are now availible for pre-order online.

Pink lady satchel, $498 by Emily Schuman (Cupcakes and Cashmere):

Gray croc-embossed pouch, $398 by Kelly Framel (The Glamourai)

Black schoolbook bag, $398 by Karla Deras (Karla's Closet)

Black fringed bag, $498 by Krystal Simpson (What is reality anyway)

16 May 2010

Miranda Kerr without eyebrows... :S

Seen in the Summer 2010 issue of I-D magazine: Australian model Miranda Kerr writhing around topless -and without eyebrows. You can find more pictures here.

H&M Fashion against AIDS

Click here to watch the video

This video shows the 3rd "Fashion against AIDS"- campaign, which is all about the Festival collection- displayed at the Coachella Festival!! The collection will be launched on May 20th and then sold in Divided youth departments in H&M stores worldwide.25 per cent of  sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects.
Here are some pics from the ad campaign featuring Lou Doillon and Elizabeth Jagger:

10 May 2010

Things from asos.com I REALLY REALLY want to have!!! :)

Sooo I find myself surfing the asos.com site..well...veryyy often..but I'm just tooo afraig to order since I live in Austria and I'm not too sure the UK-size I'll choose will fit me..and then returning the stuff and making sure you get your money back and all...urghh just too complicated for me;)
Had my big exam today and now I'm really happy to have more time for other things..planning to go shopping the next days:)