31 May 2010

VICTORIA'S SECRET give-away by katjusha dawaiii

Isnt't this so AWESOME? I've always wanted to have just something..anything by Victoria's secret..and i was so surprised and happy to read that KATJUSHA DAWAII is having a giveaway, including these amazing things(u can see them in the pic above)
- Monokini in black with lovely golden sequence
- Bikini in white..it just looks soooooo cute! These sort of pearls are kind of dangling around and i can imagine the bikini looking just so cute when wearing it!!!

And here's something I've wanted to show you for some days..Katjusha is just such an amazing girl(and blogger:)) First, make sure to have seen the new video from Beyonce, "why don't you love me"

And now, check THIS out!!! it'S so awesome!!


  1. oh my god you´re so cool! :D haha... thank you.
    Since when do you have your blog?


  2. hey..no YOU are cool :D:D:D
    I really adore your video, you're like Beyonce's reflection..you should become an actress;)
    I actually just started my blog a few weeks ago and i just love to post..just wish I had more time and more readers haha:)
    so were you born in Germany?

  3. no, i was born in Ukraine but i live in Berlin :D
    I´m sure you will have more readers, you only need to make some advertisement... but it´s always hard in the beginning. :)) but thanks for your compliments and nice comments

    Lotz of greetz,