19 Dec 2010

Vanessa Hudgens

such a cute outfit!

13 Dec 2010

inspiration 1/2


8 Dec 2010

Olivia Palermo in NY

Hi loves, just found this really cute video where Olivia Palermo shows us her favourite shopping spots in New York! I just can't imagine that this girl is NOT nice, she's so sweet and innocent! And her style...well I don't need to say anything more, I guess;)


22 Nov 2010

Rihanna did it again

-She got a new red curly something done-and I think it looks really cute on her! I prefer this haircolour and -cut more to the former one. What's more, it totally goes with her STUNNING dress.

                                 Rihanna at the American Music Awards 2010 in L.A.

Autumn in Austria

Wanted to share these photographs..I took them a few weeks back in Salzburg. It was such a perfect day of this season, the sun was shining, there were almost no clouds, and all the lovely coloured leaves on the streets..such an amazing scenery! Again I've realized that ever since I've moved to Vienna, I've started to appreciate the beauy of Salzburg, my hometown, more than ever!

21 Nov 2010

"Kim Kardashian Inc."

Hey loves, hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Found this really interesting article on the "brand" (Kim) Kardashian (New York Times)

                                Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber for ELLE UK September

                               Kim launching her Jewelry collection

..and it's all so true...I mean, don't we all wonder about who she is and why she got famous?
Enjoy reading! xoxo


20 Nov 2010

missing summer ...

Looking out of the window,all grey... my hands feeling cold...gosh i really hate this season...The only good thing about it would be the Christmas-markets here in Austria...it gets all romantic and beautiful..BUT I am so missing the sunny days of summer 2010 in Malta and Italy...:

Pirelli 2011: first glimpse

Thanks to fashionising.com, we can now get a first look at the Pirelli calendar 2011, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. It is said to be revolving around the classic Roman and Greek gods and goddesses,
here:  Bacchus with Two Bacchantes

16 Nov 2010

Gossip Girl fashion

omg i totally fell in love with this look...it's very risky to combine different patterns but, as we can see here, sometimes it works!

13 Sep 2010

Kings of leon- radioactive

Love this song!!!

I'm back;) & sweatpants? :)

Hey guys, so sorry I haven't posted for what seems like yeeaaars but the story is, after I came back from Malta, me, my mum and my aunt from India drove down to Italy..we saw Venice, Verona (amazing city), Milan(hello?wohooo..I dont think i have to say much more haha) and Garda lake. We came back to Austria at the end of August, and i fell straight into the arms of ..yeah my first lectures..and my first two exams. Whoop whoop. Had the second exam today and now I'm kind of free..but still have got to study for my next exams...:S

I've seen a lot of girls wearing sweatpants lately. Well, not HERE in Austria but on the net. Ha ha. ;)
Aaand I tried on a couple of them at H&M today. And... dunno..they were just too damn comfy! I just could't imagine wearing them outside...a building !! :)
Well maybe if I had the figure and the GUTS..coz they look really cool in here, see for yourself:


30 Jul 2010

inspiration 2/2