13 Sep 2010

I'm back;) & sweatpants? :)

Hey guys, so sorry I haven't posted for what seems like yeeaaars but the story is, after I came back from Malta, me, my mum and my aunt from India drove down to Italy..we saw Venice, Verona (amazing city), Milan(hello?wohooo..I dont think i have to say much more haha) and Garda lake. We came back to Austria at the end of August, and i fell straight into the arms of ..yeah my first lectures..and my first two exams. Whoop whoop. Had the second exam today and now I'm kind of free..but still have got to study for my next exams...:S

I've seen a lot of girls wearing sweatpants lately. Well, not HERE in Austria but on the net. Ha ha. ;)
Aaand I tried on a couple of them at H&M today. And... dunno..they were just too damn comfy! I just could't imagine wearing them outside...a building !! :)
Well maybe if I had the figure and the GUTS..coz they look really cool in here, see for yourself:


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  1. Yeehhh..einige meiner Favourite-Fashion Bloggers..

    Du nimmst auch am Fashin Camp am Samstag in Wien teil...