21 Jun 2011

Two weeks to go!

So this is where I'll be heading to in just two weeks! Can't believe it..This is such a big dream coming true!!!!


New York(I actually don't need to say anything since you will have recognized the first two pics, but it just feels so good to write New York..haha:D), Miami and lots of other cities
So stay tuned;)

20 Jun 2011

delicious breakfast

Good Morning everyone! Today I treated myself with some yummy sort of granola with barley flakes, yoghurt and fresh strawberries, topped with flaxseeds, sesame., sunflower seeds and honey. I could eat this yummy stuff all day long!

Have a nice Monday girls!

18 Jun 2011

Blogger Hopping

I just read about this amazing project on Katjusha's blog..she'll be visiting fashion bloggers in their hometowns and interview them about their favourite spots, cafes, stores, etc...below you can see the video of Andy from stylescrapbook showing us Amsterdam! I really love this idea and am so curious about what more is there to come:) See for yourself: