8 Sep 2011

Semester abroad

Hey guys! Hope you are all fine. I'm spending another day at the office, but today is my last day of work for a couple of months!
And here's why: I'm spending a semester abroad! (Yeah, you could see that one coming from the title...)

And I'll be going to.....


Kingston, actually..which is quite close to London!

I'm SO looking forward to it! It's gonna be a Trimester...so I'll be back a few days before Christmas!

Wish me luck:)

I hope I can keep you up-to-date from there!

31 Aug 2011

The Face

Ohmigoood this is SO funny!

28 Aug 2011

Fav song at the moment

Hola chicas!
A few days ago, I went to watch a new Bollywood movie called "Zindagi naa milegi dobara" with a friend of mine. We were SO glad to see an Indian movie here in Vienna since the last time they had one in their programme was like one year ago.
The funny thing though was: We had the whole cinema hall for us! It was so funny..we could just comment on the movie, dance and take stupid photos of ourselves!
As for the movie..it was GREAT!
And I'm listening to this song ALL the time...it's so nice and it has these Spanish elements in it..just LOVE it:)
Hope you do too! Have a nice Sunday <3

22 Aug 2011


One thing I love about Vienna is that there is always something new to discover. I've lived here for 3 years but I never get tired of this city!!

On Wednesday, my bf and I decided to have a nice dinner at "Naschmarkt", which is a huge market and has fruits, vegetables, falafel, antipasti etc. and also lots of amazing restaurants. We made our way there walking, as the weather was really pleasant and we needed some movement. On the way, we walked along streets we had never taken a closer look at, and discovered lots of new places.
We ended up at "natsu sushi", a simple place which offers sushi at amazing prices..and the best was: My California makis were delish!

Love my new feather earrings..bought them back in the U.S., from Aldo

Gumpendorfer Street

19 Jul 2011

New York pt 2

Here are some mire beautiful snaps i took in New York! Sorry for not posting them while there (i'm in Jacksonville, Florida right now)

10 Jul 2011

first days in NYC!!

hey guys so here are a few impressions of my first days in NYC...it's so overwhelming..and different..and a shopper's paradise:)

went to Gray's Papaya today..supposed to be the best hot dog in New York and it is! Really yummmmy!

21 Jun 2011

Two weeks to go!

So this is where I'll be heading to in just two weeks! Can't believe it..This is such a big dream coming true!!!!


New York(I actually don't need to say anything since you will have recognized the first two pics, but it just feels so good to write New York..haha:D), Miami and lots of other cities
So stay tuned;)

20 Jun 2011

delicious breakfast

Good Morning everyone! Today I treated myself with some yummy sort of granola with barley flakes, yoghurt and fresh strawberries, topped with flaxseeds, sesame., sunflower seeds and honey. I could eat this yummy stuff all day long!

Have a nice Monday girls!

18 Jun 2011

Blogger Hopping

I just read about this amazing project on Katjusha's blog..she'll be visiting fashion bloggers in their hometowns and interview them about their favourite spots, cafes, stores, etc...below you can see the video of Andy from stylescrapbook showing us Amsterdam! I really love this idea and am so curious about what more is there to come:) See for yourself:

17 May 2011

Yeah, I'm still alive!

Hey guys, yeah i didn't forget my blog and i feel awful about not caring enough for my little baby. It's distastrous..I've had everything going on from exams to presentations and even homework..you name it, I've done it! Wonder how other fellow bloggers manage to study AND work AND blog..I admire them! Anyways, I did have some me-time once in a while..started reading the "L.A. Candy" books by Lauren Conrad and I honestly can't put them down! (Currently I'm somewhere in the middle of "sweet little lies") Ughhh and I've got this presentation I've got to do in the back of my head all the time..hate it..!
Anyways, I figured that the whole next month would be full of studying and exams, too..so I'm REALLY looking forward to summer... going to a country that's far, far away and that I've been CRAVING to see like for years!! More hints will come soon, though;) Apart from that, I'll be spending  a semester abroad somewhere not so far away haha;)

Sooo now enough of me and not wanting to study...just saw the new H&M lookbook for Fall is ready! Have a look:

Photos courtesy of H&M, via

20 Jan 2011

so sorrryyy

Hola chicas!
(okay, why am i writing in Spanish-->got my final exam in spanish tomorrow, that's why my brain is sort of confused now that i'm switching to English)
Anyway, I wanted to apologize for my absence, seems like aaaaaaaaaages since my last post, isn't it? ... the reason being that it's the end of the first semester and i've got a few exams coming up..but I promise to post as soon as I get more time, ordered some cute things from Asos, can't wait to share them!