17 May 2011

Yeah, I'm still alive!

Hey guys, yeah i didn't forget my blog and i feel awful about not caring enough for my little baby. It's distastrous..I've had everything going on from exams to presentations and even homework..you name it, I've done it! Wonder how other fellow bloggers manage to study AND work AND blog..I admire them! Anyways, I did have some me-time once in a while..started reading the "L.A. Candy" books by Lauren Conrad and I honestly can't put them down! (Currently I'm somewhere in the middle of "sweet little lies") Ughhh and I've got this presentation I've got to do in the back of my head all the time..hate it..!
Anyways, I figured that the whole next month would be full of studying and exams, too..so I'm REALLY looking forward to summer... going to a country that's far, far away and that I've been CRAVING to see like for years!! More hints will come soon, though;) Apart from that, I'll be spending  a semester abroad somewhere not so far away haha;)

Sooo now enough of me and not wanting to study...just saw the new H&M lookbook for Fall is ready! Have a look:

Photos courtesy of H&M, via

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