30 Jun 2010

The new Harry Potter movie(s)

I am a really really big Harry Potter fan, and I can't wait to see the new movie...long time to go until November :(
Here's a bit of what you can expect:)

28 Jun 2010


As I've seen a lot of bloggers use Polyvore, I wanted to try it out ..and it's so much fun...though some things, I'll never be able to afford:(
Voila- Here is my outfit (Totally fell in love with the lace blazer, it's from Miss Selfridge!)

25 Jun 2010

Resort: Report 2011

I also wanted to share this article about resort collections with you...I think it's really interesting..All the designers happen to be under such pressure nowadays...Having to bring out way more than two collections a year. So does this all make sense? Enjoy reading!

Fall/Winter 2010

Urgh, Summer isn't event there yet but of course, now is the time for designers to show their F/W Campaigns.:

Louis Vuitton

Dolce & Gabbana:

                                Gosh...don't you think this is a little bit tooooooo exaggerated? the mountains,                the                           snow..unusual but I am not at all impressed:(


Here's a video with the creative director of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, talking about his new collection:

24 Jun 2010

Queen B wants to sing a song...

Who doesn't know Blair Waldorff from the famous TV-Series "Gossip Girl"? I have to admit, I love it, partly because of the fashion in it. Here are some pics of Leighton Meester as "Blair" in GG:

I've always loved the way she dresses as the famous Queen B, so classy and so elegant. Here are some shots of her and Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass, probably the best dressed fictional man in the world! (Elle Korea)

Recently, I found a music video of her and Robin Thicke (yes!!) and voila! Here it is!

and there is moooore...:)

and she also has a part in the "Good girls go bad" song:

I know these songs aren't brand-new but I was just soo...overwhelmed and surprised..:)
Personally, I really like the second song! The first one is too Blair-Waldorff-like ;)
So what do you think of Leighton Meester as a singer?

16 Jun 2010

exaaammmmssss :S

Hey girls, I'm sorry I haven't updated for some days now..the reason is that my exams are coming up in 2 weeks and I'm busy trying to study :) And while I was trying I found this article on the net..I think it's funny ;)

Ugg! The items of clothing that women think are fashionable but men hate

xoxo, Sureena

10 Jun 2010

Schönbrunn Zoo

A few days ago, my bf and I went to the "Schönnbrunner Tiergarten" ( a Zoo) in Vienna. We were so lucky about the weather it was sunny all day long. We had lots of fun seeing all the animals, my favourite ones were the penguines..Don't they look really funny? and soooo cute:) Here are some of the pics we took there annnd my outfit:)

What I Wore: flowery skirt, cardigan, plain black shirt: H&M, tights, necklace: Primark

1 Jun 2010

Trend: The Turban

At first, headbands appeared. You used to see a girl wearing one of those like once in a while..and all I thought was..."hippieeee"...But like every other new trend one needs to get used to it..or just go out, buy it, and wear it(that's for the very self-confident people out there, wow:)) Anyway, now we have come to a point where every other girl wears a headband every now and then..


and new models have been invented, like this one worn by Chiara from the Blonde Salad

And what now? scarfs with a knot on your forehead..

Where is this going? We are heading towards Turbans! This oriental look was of course also worn by everything-I-wear-becomes-fashion-CARRIE from Sex and the city in the new movie (I absolutely love the turban, AND the movie, saw it yesterday ;) )

              Sarah Vanninen

Well I have to say, I have already fallen in love with this new trend! What about you?