6 Jul 2010

My favourite blogs

My dear readers, here are the blogs i read almost every day, I just can't do without them;) (some of them are in German!)

by Andy Torres, rising star at the sky of fashion. Such a talented young lady, I love her style and her personal pics of fashion shows, parties etc. 

This is pretty much the first blog I read EVERY day, dulce's style is amazing..and, by the way, she's going to be a Mommyyy:) 

by Chiara; the Italian beauty:) Love her outfit posts. 

(in German), by Özi. Love her style of writing, so cool and informal:) I would love to read from her more often, though.

 by Vicky, who's currently traveling through the U.S. (where she has also lived for a few years)-and blogging from there:)

(in German). This young lady blogs about everything that comes to her mind, love all of it:)

(in German) Such a talented writer she is, blogs about everything from fashion to dating and being single- really funny way of writing, love it! 

I'm sure you still remember the video from Katjusha I posted- that's all I have to say! Love her photos, outfits, everything.

This blog was like the first popular fashion blog in German, and it still is:)

I just love the way she dresses, so inspiring!


  1. I love dulcecandy too, I'm always looking forward to her posts :)